Episode 32: Middle-Aged Madness

I wrote this year ago but it still applies! Even more so.

Edwina's Episodes

Grumpy Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Today I am feeling decidedly middle-aged! It is not something that I really want to admit (especially to myself), but I am a whisker away from the half-century milestone. I can feel it’s malevolence reaching out to me, trying to drag me over to the ‘other side’ where youth is  a forgotten memory, and old age starts to creep into every pore, ready to assert its authority over my still-protesting mind and body…..

My husband, Mr Grump, has already metamorphosed into the moany, moody old git that comes with age (if you let it, and Mr Grump embraced it wholeheartedly). Oh, how he loves to complain! Mind you,  there is something to be said for it at times,(see, I knew I was getting old)!   We once had vouchers for a free meal as he had complained bitterly about the appalling service we had received, which…

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27 thoughts on “Episode 32: Middle-Aged Madness

  1. Forty was worse than fifty. Forty was frightening as hell. After going through serious illnesses in my forties, I learned that I was lucky to be alive, and if we didn’t have birthdays, well. . .. we wouldn’t be here to complain. So I just swallow them now and deal. 🙂

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  2. I treated 50 like a disease and wanted no part of it. I forbid any mention of my birthday from friends and family. The day came and went and hey, I was still me. This year, I turned 60 and it was no big deal. I’ve had some really good times in the last ten years, looking forward to the next ten…well, as long as I don’t look in the mirror 🙂

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  3. I will be 63 next month and I am shouting at the television, complaining about long straight hair the girls insist on having and moaning about shopping trollies. I am fine until I put my reading glasses on and apply my lipstick then I start shouting at the mirror. You are fine.. just normal and if it is any consolation if you start talking loudly to yourself in the queue at the supermarket they usually open up a register just for you! Hugs

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  4. I was a basket case at 50! Couldn’t handle it at all, nor 51, or 52. But somehow it lifted for me and ever since my 53rd birthday I’ve loved being the age I am – no words of wisdom, I’m afraid – just sympathy and empathy – and the possibility that it does get better!

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      1. Exactly! I know just what you mean! There was a sketch (Monty Python I think) Rushing sound whizzing past, “What was that?” “that was your life”, “Do I get another one?”, “Nope!”
        I’m no help am I!!!!!!!

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  5. You make me laugh out loud Judy, thank you.
    Believe me age does have its compensations. I was really unhappy when I reached forty, in fact, I had a bit of a mid-life crisis. Split from my wife and went to live with a girl seventeen years younger but now at 66 I couldn’t be happier. I’m mostly without stress which after having stressful jobs helps a great deal. Ignore the numbers they mean very little. I’ve known 50 yr olds who acted 80 and 80 year olds who acted 50. It’s just a number, nothing more. Enjoy every year

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