Just Jot it January 22nd – Felicity


I had to confess to having to look up the meaning of today’s word for Linda’s Just Jot it January. I had, of course, heard of it as a name but had no clue of its meaning. I am surprised to learn that it means a high degree of happiness or bliss according to dictionary.com

I was thinking about the last time I was in a state of such happiness, and you know, I can’t really remember. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around with a face like a smacked arse all of the time (although I have got one of those faces workmen love to address with “cheer up love, it may never happen,” which of course annoys me into looking even more miserable)!

On the whole, I am quite a cheerful person, I like to laugh and joke and try to make others smile too. However, being in a state of complete bliss or euphoria is for me, I think, reserved for those one-off moments. I remember the euphoria I felt when I found out I was pregnant at 37 years old, after thinking I would never have children. This was matched only by the absolute joy and delight when I actually met my daughter for the first time  and held her close.

I was ecstatic when I finally passed my driving test after many attempts and many years. something I had almost given up hope of achieving.  Similarly, when I graduated from university only four years ago, after going back to studies after many years.

Looking at those examples, it seems to me that to be in a state of felicity (I am not even sure how to use this word), at least in my case, it does not come easily, waiting, or working hard for the right moment to achieve it. I suppose this makes it all the more worthwhile, though.

38 thoughts on “Just Jot it January 22nd – Felicity

  1. When the toilet flush fell apart in my hands yesterday I certainly needed an F word or two to get me to see the funny side.. I guess felicity will do. I’ve known two Felicitys one a delightful Welsh lawyer with a laugh like a fridge sinking into mud and the other a tiny woman who sold shoes and when I was a child measured my feet with an accompanying groan like growing was a disease. Hope you’re wreathed in smiles today Judy.

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  2. Being happy all the time would get so boring, wouldn’t it? 😛 Seriously though, it’s those occasional states of extreme happiness that we can remember which keep us going. They allow us to have hope. 🙂

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  3. I agree, feelings of felicity are special because they’re not easy to come by. Pure joy is an amazing, intense emotion that our psyche probably can’t handle if experienced too often. That said, if I’m in the car alone and a Beatle’s song comes on the radio and I begin to sing it out loud, LOUDLY, I definitely experience felicity. 🙂

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  4. “Life is a string of happy moments.” I don’t believe that we can be in a constant state of felicity. But I believe that real happyness is a state of being which has nothing o do with being sad when sad things happen. But it gives the power to lift our head and move on.Happy Friday, Judy 😘

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