TJ’s Weekly Household Weekly Challenge – Wood

This week we have ‘wood’ to work with for TJ’s challenge. Now, I could have chosen any number of things, chairs, tables, etc. but I thought I would write about our poor old garden fence instead.

Broken fence

Battered and broken,

propped up, drunkenly swaying

Its days are numbered!

28 thoughts on “TJ’s Weekly Household Weekly Challenge – Wood

  1. Nice Haiku, Judy. “drunkenly swaying” so visual, love it. Interesting timing, as yesterday I struggled with our backyard gate. It had fallen a while ago, lying in the snow, “broken and battered”. I heaved it up and leaned it against the fence hoping to keep my daughter’s dog from escaping onto the street and ending up splattered. Mind you, a half decent wind could knock it down again but that’s as handy as we get around our place πŸ™‚

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    1. I am not into DIY either, but my husband put the fence up in the first place a few years ago. He fusses every time we have a windy day, and it managed to survive! This year, however ,it has succumbed! 😦

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      1. Yes, it was tragic. As he has been gone 50 years, I would imagine he has had plenty of time to reflect and “mend some fences” πŸ˜‰

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