Just Jot It January 25th – Prestidigitation


I had never come across today’s prompt word for Linda’s Just Jot it January before.  According to Dictionary.com, it means ‘sleight of hand’ the kind of thing a magician uses to perform tricks.

I have always been fascinated by magic, and would sit spellbound as a child when someone would perform even the most simple of tricks. I was thrilled when I was shown how to do a simple card trick, and would drive people mad wanting to try it out!

Magic has come a long way now, with magicians finding more and more outrageous tricks and illusions to impress us with. One of my best friends had a magician at her wedding breakfast and we wouldn’t let him get away from our table, wanting to see more tricks and trying to work out how he did them (we couldn’t)!

My ex-brother-in-law was very good at ‘magic’  and would amaze the children by pulling coins out of their hair, or ‘reading their minds’ with his card tricks. They loved it.

As much as I love magic, I still like to know how they do it. There was a programme on a few years ago that had a masked magician going through some of his tricks, showing how he did them. I was shocked at just how much work went into them, with split second timing, hidden props, and covert communication with their ‘glamorous assistant.’ However, they are masters of their craft and constantly strive to amaze and astound us.

However, they are masters of their craft and constantly strive to amaze and astound us, and I am glad that they do. We all need a bit of magic in our lives!


29 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 25th – Prestidigitation

  1. You love magic? That’s why you were born as a woman… or is it the other way around? LOL!!! Now, seriously, I amazed too – totally! As you say, it is breathtaking how in splits of seconds they need to be on time and doing several things at the same time to lead the focus of the audience towards something different. 2 1/2 years ago I joined a show of David Copperfield…. I was blown away!!!! My daughter was picked for a trick. She held one of the pillars and he made a whole car appear on and even sat in it. She said that she did not notice anything!

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