Wacky Word Wednesday

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Well, is is Wednesday already and time for me to dust off another word that is weird, wonderful or just downright wacky! Today’s word is one of those rhyming pair words that I love so well. I don’t know what it is about rhyme, but it always brings a smile to my face. This word is still used, but not nearly enough in my opinion!

Fuddy-duddy. A bit of a stick-in-the-mud and old fart kind of a word is this one! The square, stuffed shirt, disapproving disdainfully of anyone that dares to enjoy themselves. It is the dull, drab dress so beloved of your maiden aunt, and her prim and proper manner to match.

The fussy old fogey that forgets it is ok to have fun sometimes,  or the party-pooper, jobsworth and general wet blanket that put a damper on things. It is the conventional, conservative person, upright and uptight!

Funny, as I always thought my parents were old fuddy-duddies until I became one myself!

33 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday

  1. There is a fantastic local shop named Fuddy Duddy’s which makes amazing fudge in a dozen different flavors every day, truffles, cookies, and other yummy treats. I don’t even think of the actual meaning of the phrase any more….

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  2. While some of your words are outside my vocabulary , this is one l’ve heard–usually directed at an older person, but really anyone could be an ‘old fuddyduddy’ (those two words tend to be used together).

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  3. I like this one Judy, it speaks volumes.This is what I see when I look in the mirror, a well cultivated Fuddy-Duddy, primed to know the minute anyone is out to have a good time and at the ready to stop them. Youth is wasted on the young, it’s my age should be having all the good times since we know how to party without having to throw up in the nearest plant-pot in the lounge.I’m only suppressing the young so they’ll appreciate things more as they get older.
    xxx Massive Hugs, your friendly neighbourhood fuddy-duddy.

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