Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy


Today’s prompt for Linda’s Just Jot it January is ‘clumsy’ which, as you might have guessed, I suggested! It really was the first thing that came to mind.

Being clumsy ever since I can remember, doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, although I now just try and laugh it off. The more nervous I get, though, the clumsier I become, so meeting people for the first time or being in stressful situations can make me worse.

I remember years ago, staying at a boyfriend’s house for the weekend and meeting his family. The mother was very house proud and welcoming, so of course, I ended up knocking my coffee all over the carpet! His sisters rallied around, cleaning it up before I had chance to move, probably limiting any more damage that I might do. I was mortified.

Another time I remember was when I was being watched carrying out an aseptic procedure to be signed off by a senior nurse. That in itself made me nervous, but I had set everything out on the trolley, created my sterile field, and as I popped a bandage out of the wrapper, careful not to touch it, I squirmed when it caught the edge of the trolley and rolled onto the dirty floor! The stern glare from the Sister didn’t help my nerves either!

I could go on and on giving examples as there are so many, unfortunately, but I am sure you get the picture. Still, it has in the past, got me out of drying up the dishes!


48 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy

  1. It’s good you can laugh at yourself, Judy, because in the grand scheme of things it’s not such a bad thing being clumsy. Our idiotic moments, make us human. I got my arm stuck in the slatted back of a chair at a restaurant (recently) and couldn’t get unstuck.It was quite a spectacle!

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    1. I once worked in an office with an Italian guy who tapped himself in a drawer. He screamed so loudly we all rushed to help. He swatted us all away and actually thumped one guy who tried to help him, knocking him to the floor. On the way down the poor man cracked his head on a desk and fell unconscious. One of the women watching started with a nose bleed; the blood made another woman feel faint and we had to find her a chair. Meanwhile the Italian guy was still screaming. Motto ever since – never help a man with his testicles trapped!1 Jx

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  2. We all have our foibles, and at least yours gets you out of doing the dishes!! I’m a bit accident prone, tripping seems to be my forte but luckily haven’t done any damage recently to myself or others! Apart from nearly squishing a fellow worker between the stock room clothes racks in John Lewis…. less said… I am a bit of a dreamer…

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