Live to Eat

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I thought I would have a go at the ‘Daily Prompt’ today, which I like to do sometimes. Today the question is live to eat or eat to live? Also how far would we travel for the best meal of our lives?

The first part of this is easy for me, absolutely without a doubt, I live to eat! I am sure that nobody is at all surprised by that revelation. The thing is, I was brought up by a mother who was an excellent cook, as was her mother, and my dad’s mother too! My sisters are also brilliant cooks, in fact, one trained as a chef, as did my husband, even I can cook (although I rarely need to) Not only was I spoiled by having good, wholesome food as I grew up, it was frowned upon to leave anything on your plate.

All my family have ‘healthy’ appetites! Sitting around the table for our meals when growing up was the norm for us, and it was filled with talking, laughing, shouting and arguing, the bickering and banter of family life. Mum would go mad if anyone was late for meals, they were almost set in stone, breakfast being the most flexible, but other than that, lunch at 1 pm and dinner or ‘tea’ as we called it about 5.30pm. She relented a bit when microwaves became commonplace and she could reheat a meal for some latecomer. Mind you, she was terrified of the microwave, approaching it with caution and at arm’s length!

It’s funny, but whenever any of my family put on a meal, buffet or BBQ, you know there is going to be plenty of food, as we are all used to catering for large numbers, coming from such a huge family!

Now, one thing I do enjoy is a good meal. Food is not just fuel for the body, it is supposed to be a pleasurable and sensual experience. Well, at least in my book! It is very often the very heart of family life too when you think about it. When there is a birthday, or Valentine’ s day or Christmas or other holiday occasions, there is usually a meal or some sort of food associated with it as a form of celebration.

We have a pub that does a great carvery and it is lovely going there with some of the family in the summer  whiling the hours away sitting out in the garden after a great meal, chatting and laughing.

When it comes to how far I would travel for the best meal of my life, I am not sure. I have simple tastes and it is more the company and the occasion than the meal itself. I am lucky enough to have not only enough food to eat, but to have it beautifully cooked too!


38 thoughts on “Live to Eat

    1. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many cooks, but my will power is low and my waistline suffered!
      A carvery is where there is a choice of roast meats ,turkey, beef, gammon, that sort of thing. The chef carves oof what meat you want and you help yourself to potatoes, veg and gravy to go with it. A roast dinner, really!

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  1. Nothing like good food and lovely company. Totally sublime. I think I shall love to see your family over a get together with the spread of food, lots of laughter and good exchange. I can visualise it almost. It’s really a sensual and pleasurable experience 😊

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  2. I wouldn’t travel far. There is an abundance of good food close by. Much more than I can eat. Now a different question, how far would I travel to have a good meal with my family then turn around and come home? Maybe 120 miles (two hours). How far if I can stay a day or two with eating round the clock if wanted? About a thousand. I believe the “family” wins over the eating but they go together fantastically.

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  3. Wow! Are you sure you don’t come from a big, fat ‘Spanish’family? Ha, ha! I grew up in a very similar way. I remember my grandma, mom, and aunts getting together in the kitchen to prepare a huge meal for a family get together.You brought back fun memories. I could almost smell the tamales.😘

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  4. When you live to eat, it’s amazing how certain foods trigger a memory. For me it’s cabbage rolls. Always associate the aroma and taste with my mother who loved to cook also. When I was a very young child, she also use to bake her own bread. That smell also triggers a warm memory. Wonderful story about the history of loving food in your family.

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