For Sacha’s Writespiration this week, I was trying to think about when I was ‘on the edge’ as that is her prompt, then I remembered something very special, an event that happened when I was about seventeen.

After you have read it for the first time, you might want to go back and sing it, as it might make more sense! (I don’t want to give it away right now)!

It’s close to midnight

And something special’s just about to start

I’m so excited

I can feel the rapid pounding of my heart

I’ve stayed up late

Just so I can watch this special moment

Never before

Had something like this happened on tv

Only in movies!

Yes it was Thriller, Thriller night

And I was sitting there, right on the edge of my seat

You know, killer, Thriller night

The moment had arrived and it was

Perfect, amazing, that niiiiiight

Zombies and undead,

creeping from their graves in the dead of night

Michael and Ola,

Walking home under the full moonlight

He starts to change

But first of all, she doesn’t seem to notice

Then he looks strange

As she looks at him

Right between the eyes

He’d been Zombified!

Yes, it was Thriller, Thriller night…..


  1. I think it’s because I loved Michael that I could watch thriller otherwise, scary movies do just that, ‘they petrify me.’ I like the light way you wrote it in a poem. Not jumping into scary things that would make my skin fall off my bones 🙂

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  2. I like how you took this in a figurative direction! I remember Friday nights when I was a child, we had a local scream theme on public television. I usually feigned interest and then fell asleep before anything too scary happened.

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  3. Judy sister, what can I say! Now you even own a villa in my heart!😘💖 You know that I am a huge fan of Michael💖 I was sitting in front of the TV waiting impatiently for MJ’s video. It still is legendary and was the first one of this kind. Now to your poem! 👍👍👍

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