WordPress Antics

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I have just been trying to freshen up my blog, sorting out bits and pieces and I noticed that I seem to be missing something, yes a few blogs.

For some reason, WordPress has unfollowed me from some blogs that I regularly follow. I don’t know when this happened exactly as I am a bit behind with reading anyway. Has anyone else had this happen to them lately?

I have just refollowed seven blogs I realised had gone and hopefully that is it now. Β It does make me cross when this happens though.

Rant over!

46 thoughts on “WordPress Antics

  1. The geniuses at WordPress argued with me for three days over something similar. I lost 90% of my followers and they thought I was lying to them or on drugs.

    WordPress-always trying to reinvent the square wheel!

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  2. I have gone through this too. I noticed you followed me again…and was wondering when you unfollowed. Only to find about six blogs that I had to re-follow as well! I hope the people we keep re-following know of the glitch!

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  3. I don’t follow blogs thru WordPress. I don’t like their interface. I use Feedly as my RSS reader and follow tool. WordPress is a great blogging tool, but I don’t like it for other purposes.


  4. Please contact them and let them know. I have experienced the same thing and other bloggers have told me that same happened to them. I have yet to get a response from WP, but the more people who tell them, the less they will be able to deny the problem!

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  5. I HAVE had that happen. I’ve also stopped getting email subscriptions and then sometimes get 22 in one day. I don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason to the quirks that happen on any website. Glitches! I think sometimes we accidentally tap things on our phones, but that can’t always be it. I hope you’re able to hunt down those you miss πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s not you hitting the wrong buttons here. For some reason wordpress is having glitches. I got many blogs unfollowed as well and many times my posts did not figure in the feed while they posted on twitter and facebook normally. Go figure what they’re trying to do…

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