One-Liner Wednesday


I had to laugh at the birthday card my big sister got me.

Birthday Card!

And the punchline was …. one to do the cleaning and one to do the ironing!

This post was inspired by Linda’s One-Liner WednesdayΒ 

Well done to Wes for designing the badge for the challenge too!

43 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday

      1. You’re welcome top come with them Judy or if you know any of those strange people who like ironing, send them instead.They’re safe, I’ve forgotten what to do with a woman though anyone offering lessons would be welcome too…….
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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      1. I attended the Chippendales some years ago…😌 … together with my daughter! It is only show and some of them… ok, not my thing. But they are clever. There is at least one type of man for every woman in the hall!!!! Wow!

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      2. I felt exactly the same about it. Once they all spread throughout the audience and right next to my daughter he started dancing and after a while with here. It was one of the very lovely guys…. phew….. After that she needed to sit down for a bit and catch her breath…. lol

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