Fancy A Ham Sandwich?!


Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

As part of my birthday present, a relative has booked us a night at a lovely hotel in Sandwich which is not that far away. What made me laugh, though Β is that the name of the village is Ham! Hmmmm. wonder what the menu is like?

Do you have any funny place names nearby?





40 thoughts on “Fancy A Ham Sandwich?!

  1. In the Pacific NW (USA) we have many names taken from Native American history/culture–they do look and sound funny, though no disrespect is intended. People from other areas are quite stymied as to how to pronounce many of them–and that’s amusing to locals πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t but my brother lives in a cluster of Piddles – Piddle Hinton, Piddle Trenthide – Tolpuddle, famous for its martyrs was originally Tolpiddle but I suppose no one would have taken them seriously and the British Labour movement might never have happened.

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  3. We’ve got a Hell, Michigan here in my great state… Leaves one w-i-d-e open to tell people to go to… and remarking about Hell freezing over… loads of fun for certain.

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