Far Flung Friends.

One of the best things about being a blogger, I have found  is meeting people from all different walks of life.  I love the diversity we have on here. I love that we have our own traditions, customs and cultures. I love that now matter what colour, creed or sexuality we are, we all have something in common. We are all one big blogily (to coin a phrase from my blogging sister Ritu 

No matter what time of day or night there is someone online to talk to. It is fabulous too that there is always someone to give us a bit of help and advice, or moral support, and encouragement; maybe even more importantly, there is someone there to listen to us. Not literally of course, but they read our words, and engage with us. It really is quite unlike any other community I have known, as most of us in our offline lives, choose what we say to people or how we portray ourselves, but online we are more honest and open. It is a wonderful feeling then to have so many friends that still like us, warts and all!

I have made friends with people from all over the globe, and despite our differences, there is always so much common ground, love and laughter being two of the biggest ones I can think of.

Not only have I made friends but I have also received three packages in the last few months that have really touched me with how kind and thoughtful you are.

Wendy sent me some beautiful hand made Christmas tree decorations from Australia

Christmas decoration
My beautiful Australian seashell decoration

Mary-Anne some socks that she had knitted herself in the colours that I chose. I have them on now with my pj’s and they  are so warm and snuggly! 

Snuggle socks
My lovely socks all the way from Canada

Tonya sent me a ‘care package’ of beautiful chocolate, peanuts (not in the pic as I ate them already), her brilliant book ‘Clemmie the Communic-CAT’,’ one of her antique plant pots that we had talked about, a sheep Christmas tree decoration and a notebook and pens!


Care package
My American care package. The salted caramel chocolate was too good to share – sorry!

I consider myself very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, and although I absolutely loved my gifts, the friendship I have with each of you means the world.

48 thoughts on “Far Flung Friends.

  1. There’s nothing in the world like the blogging communities here on WordPress, Judy. I’m so proud to have my own community but, most of all, so very proud to be a member of many others on here. If it wasn’t for the engagement all those communities have, then blogging would have long been a thing of the past (in my opinion, just like the bloggers who fail to engage with other bloggers).

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  2. So happy to have found you in blog land, it was via the Haikumily, for which I am very grateful. Melissa of the Aran Artisan nudged me to join in with Ron’s challenge and I’m so glad she did. Looking forward to March. 😉

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  3. What a beautiful tribute to the world of blogging. And to those who have touched you in this wonderful world of blogily. I know I have and do enjoy your blog and all the blogs I follow.

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  4. That is so true what you write! We truly are one big blogily and always there for one another. The differences are what connects us. To me, our blogily is an example of how the world could or should be. This is just wonderful what these three blogger friends did. I am happy you got gifted because you are a gift yourself, Sis! Big hugs 😘😘💖

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  5. Judy, I completely agree with you about meeting so many wonderful people through blogging. It’s such a joy to connect and visit with others who share similar interests. You are a lovely person, touching others through your kindness, wit, and humor. It’s not surprising that you have so many friends. I’m happy to be considered a friend as well as part of your “blogily.” 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying your care package and that the flower pot made it one piece! 🙂 💛 xoxo

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