TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Shadows

Graduation - Shadow!

I found it quite tricky looking for shadows to take part in TJ household challenge prompt this week, so have had to use a bit of creative licence (ok cheat a bit)! Although I did find a shadow in one of my photos that was great to use, it is not exactly a household one!

Graduation day,

The dean awaits me on stage,

Don’t let me trip up! 






22 thoughts on “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Shadows

  1. Oh very good! Love this one and the image. Always a good thing to get across the stage and not be the inevitable one that hits the deck. Rather nice to have a shadow reflecting your well deserved triumph.

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  2. Enjoyed this but it reminded me of grade 8 graduation. My mother had made me wear shoes that were to big with toilet paper stuffed in the toes. YUP! going up the steps (that were closed off so no one could see you going up the steps) my shoe fell off and down the steps it fell…loudly. I heard all the twitters while I red faced climbed down the steps to retrieve my shoe. I put it on at the top and head held high walked out to receive my diploma. I was very popular after the diplomas where all given out but not for any reason I wanted. It seems as though everyone wanted to know if I was okay after tripping on the steps.
    Not a good time!

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  3. wonderful and congratulations!! i’m reminded that we are so much more than the shadows that trail us and gain their existence being an echo of our achievements. do you know, some people actually live in fear of tripping on their own shadows? i’m glad you didn’t and we are all better for it. thx -KIA

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    1. Thanks Kia. It was a few years ago now, but I loved the shadow of the dean there on the stage, I was in the photo just walking off but it was a bit blurred so I cropped myself out of it! I was thrilled that I didn’t trip over! 🙂

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