Another Little Limerick

image courtesy of Pixabay

This one I did on Al’s suggestion based on the prompt words for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge

There was a young stripper from Dorset

Who was busting right out of her corset

She flashed as she danced

As her boobs were ‘enhanced’

How she wished that she’d reinforced it!

38 thoughts on “Another Little Limerick

  1. That’s not the Dorset I know but hey, the seamy underside of the rural towns, hey? Another from the Old Le Pard play book, this time his non-rhyme
    There was a young lady from Bude
    Who used to swim in the Lake
    A man in a punt
    Stuck a pole in her ear
    And said, ‘You can’t swim here, it’s private’.

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  2. 😂😂😂 Judy, you are the best! I was so desperate with getting the settings and formatting of my book done AGAIN. I was totally frustrated Reading your limerick gave me the boost I needed!!! Thank you so much for the laughter and smiles you brought to me! Btw. perfectly fitting Tuesday!!!😘😘😘

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