Writespiration #82: Nostalgia That Hurts


This week for Sacha’s Writespiration prompt we are asked to write about nostalgia that hurt.  For obvious reasons this poem is a little more serious than my usual ones!

I thought my life was over

The day I walked away

Ten years down the drain

Nothing left to say

I gave you everything I had

My heart, my love, my soul

But, you had never loved me

Just wanted to be in control

The day that we got married

You said that I was fat

Just two guests at our wedding

It was over in 10 minutes flat!

Then you became possessive

And wracked with jealousy

Stupidly I was pleased

Thought it meant you cared for me

I always wanted children

 You said you wanted none

Yet an affair I found out later

Had produced your eldest son

I really tried to make it work

But I became so trodden down

The final straw was knowing

That your wife had come to town.

 I left your life with nothing

But a few clothes that I packed

And the freedom to be me again

And to never, ever look back!

43 thoughts on “Writespiration #82: Nostalgia That Hurts

      1. I know that oftentimes women are afraid to leave, or they don’t have other options, etc–I left at 3 yrs because I was afraid to stay. We all do the best we can. I’m sorry that you had to have this sorrow, too–makes me sad that there are too many of us. Leaves deep scars, even if we eventually learn how very strong we are.

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