#Stream of Consciousness -This and That


For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness post this week, the prompt words are ‘this’ and ‘that.’ We gain bonus points for starting and finishing with one or the other of these words too.

This is quite an exciting time for me at the moment. It has been suggested by several fellow bloggers and some of my family that I really ought to collect some of my poems together and publish them.Β Well, I don’t really have the foggiest idea of publishing and even less about self-publishing, but I decided that I would look into it. After all, when I finished NaNoWriMo I had an account on Createspace just to see what the process was, should I decide to publish the book I wrote at a later date.

Anyway, to cut a long story short (I am going on a bit), it is almost finished. In fact, I just made an alteration when I proofread it, and as soon as it comes back I am ready to go! Β I have got a fabulous cover (more about that when the book is ready) and have finally sorted out the formatting. My dear blogging friend Erika was talking about this just a couple of days ago for her new book and I was itching to say something then about mine but wanted to keep it secret until it was ready.

Of course, I am so excited and have blabbed now! My own poetry book (well rhymes), does that mean I am going to be an author now?! It is going to take a bit of time to get my head around that!

35 thoughts on “#Stream of Consciousness -This and That

  1. Seeing your work on the actual pages of an actual book, between actual covers with your name on the front (or the back, I’m not fussy) is a massive thrill, I hope your publishing adventure goes smoothly.

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  2. When you publish that book, you need to show me how to self-publish. I haven’t got a clue about it.
    Congratulations on almost being ready to publish.
    Oh, and you’re already an author because you’ve written and published a lot on your blog. I won’t have you saying otherwise. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank so much Hugh for your support and lovely comments.
      I will be delighted to show you how I published my book, once it is done. You are already at an advantage as you are good with technology! πŸ™‚

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  3. Haha… I opened a can of worms when I posted about my book…lol! YAY!!! Here she goes! So happy you are already so far with your poem book! I can vividly imagine what it caused within you keeping it together… haha! Almost exploding, right? What an exciting time, Judy! Whenever you have questions feel free to ask me. Good luck!😘

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      1. High fife, Sis! I hear you! And now I understand you even better… lol! I am excited for you too. Publishing a book is always such an adventure and experience – most of all the first one. Holding your first book in hands is a priceless feeling! Enjoy the journey, sis!

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