Photography 101: Water & Orientation

Today we were given ‘water ‘ to photograph, and also to take the shot from a vertical angle, and then to turn it around so that it is horizontal.

Well, water was rather a fitting subject for today seeing as it was lashing with rain for most of the day! I didn’t want to photograph the rain though preferring to capture some actual water.

Some of my visits this morning were to an elderly care home and I usually park my car just outside, by a little bridge that goes over this stream. Today I had a new colleague with me and the weather was absolutely filthy. The wind nearly blew us over and the driving rain pounded us as we walked the short distance to the home.

However when we had finished, the rain had stopped so I managed to get these photos. My colleague, however,  was disappointed with me as she thought that for the ‘water’ theme, it would be far better if she drove my car into the huge puddles that were everywhere and I took the photo as I got drenched by the splash! She is going to fit into our team pretty well by the sounds of it, having such a cruel sense of humour!

By the way, as far as orientation goes, I actually thought that in this case the horizontal angle works better, despite the stream running downwards!


20 thoughts on “Photography 101: Water & Orientation

  1. I’m not sure what it says about me but I take most of my photos portrait rather than landscape. I guess because I prefer to have a strong focal point rather than a broad view.

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    1. In the portrait pic, if you’d had the water fill the bottom of the pic it would have been very dramatic and had lots of energy. It also would have been a great use of the rule of thirds… In fact, try going one step further and divide the pic into 3 vertically as well and I reckon it would have been a ripper photo. Sorry if this sounds smarty pants… I love taking photos

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  2. Horizontal, definitely. Although, the “splash” picture would have been interesting 🙂
    I read your book with my breakfast tea this morning. Thanks for starting my day with a smile. My favourites were in the Women section: Strong Women, A New Woman, and More Than Meets the Eye. You’d make a great stand-up comedian; you see the funny in the mundane. Rhyme on :

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