Photography 101: Connect & Tags


Today’s Photography 101 challenge is all about the word ‘connect’ and what it means to me. As you can see from my photo, this was taken at a family wedding.

This speaks of connections on so many levels. Not just the couple that are getting married and starting a new life together, but of the friends and the family that are invited to share the day with them too.

The gathering together of all those people with one common connection, celebrating a marriage, Β despite many of them not knowing each other. Eating together, dancing together, and meeting new and interesting people that you may not have otherwise encountered, is certainly making connections!

15 thoughts on “Photography 101: Connect & Tags

  1. At first, I looked at this and saw a funeral. The gentleman in tails seemed out of place, then another with a boutonniere…I wondered why they’d wear such things to a funeral. The gravestones threw me.
    Where I live, cemeteries are not at the church, except of course, at the chapels on the cemetery grounds.
    I’m glad it was a wedding, and that’s definitely an excellent choice for connection!

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    1. Yes, the gent in tails was one of the groom’s men that got caught up with the rest of the guests!
      I suppose that a funeral is also a good choice for a connection, but not a happy one! πŸ™‚

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