Wacky Word Wednesday

Keep Calm

Welcome to another Wacky Word Wednesday, where I get to feature a word that is weird, wonderful, or just downright wacky! Today I have a word that I use quite a  bit. as not only do I like the sound of it, but it is something that I always seem to be doing!

Faffing. This is a dithering and dallying kind of word. Procrastinating and pondering instead of just getting on with it! Mucking around and all that malarky, putting off the important stuff, preferring to  prat about with the piffling things.

It is fussing and fiddling, bumbling and fumbling about. Something that I seem to excel in!


31 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday

  1. You certainly did not do any faffing with that word. You just hopped right on it with about a dozen other very picturesque words which I also don’t, or at least, seldom use. But I love them. You’re sharp this morning! Enjoyed it.


      1. I faff when I know I need to do something with someone else, and they aren’t ready, and I can’t start without them… So I end up faffing around with things I shouldn’t really be touching, then I end up creating more work for myself!!!

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