Writespiration # 83 – Blackout.

For this week’s Writespiration, Sacha has given us ‘blackout’- to use as our prompt. I wasn’t sure which way to go with it, but this is what I ended up with!


As I sit there watching the big screen

All settled in for the night

Everything’s suddenly gone quiet

And someone has turned off the light.

The pitch black makes me feel nervous

I don’t like being here on my own

I can’t haven’t got any candles

And the where in the hell is my phone?

It feels like the set of a movie

Where the killer is hiding upstairs

Waiting until the right moment

To capture his prey, unawares

My heart is starting to race now

My throat is all parched and dry

I need to go to the toilet

And I’m just about ready to cry!

When, suddenly a massive explosion

Of light and sound dims my fears

I can relax and calm down now

As the opening credits appear.








27 thoughts on “Writespiration # 83 – Blackout.

  1. Excellent take on the lights going out. I could feel the panic in your words. Nicely written. Just an aside comment about horror movies. It was the Nightmare on Elm Street movies that disturbed me. When the story line entered my real dream life that was it. No more horror for me.

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      1. Most people write flash fiction sis. Sacha gives us the topic each week to write about, usually in less than 200 words. Go and check out her blog as the entries are in the comments. 🙂

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  2. Ha ha! I remember watching The Shining at university one night while defrosting the freezer… The random cracking of ice in the background really added to the spooky atmosphere… Bet you’d have been properly freaked out by that!

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