A Special Guest Comes Calling.

Me and Daffy

Guess who came to dinner on Friday? It was none other than the lovely Daffy ( well actually it is Sandra), the wonderful person behind Wild Daffodil blog.

She was up this way on a textiles course and asked if we wanted to meet up. Of course, I did! After all, we had been in contact for a while, and as is the way with blogging, I already felt that I knew her quite well, so it would be a delight to meet her in person.

I was certainly not disappointed. Daffy is bright, bubbly and a real pleasure to be around. She is also very artistic and creative which sadly, I am not! It was wonderful looking at what she had made in her textile course and the thought and love she puts into her projects.

We had a very pleasant evening with lots of laughs, (even Mr Grump was cracking smiles). Unfortunately, it was over too soon though as the time had raced by at an alarming rate.

The whole experience just reinforced my belief of how wonderful and genuine bloggers are. We both certainly agreed that we are privileged to belong to such a wonderful community of friends.


45 thoughts on “A Special Guest Comes Calling.

  1. Aaw! Such a lovely fun evening, still basking in the warmth of your welcome Eddie! It really was very spcial to meet you and Mr Grump and share such delicious meal. You know if you ever wander down to Dorset you must call in! ❤️

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  2. How wonderful that you got to meet like that! It sounds as though you had a great time. Funnily enough, another blogger I know (Sue from The Travel Tales of Life blog), recently posted about visiting Australia and taking the opportunity to meet some of her Aussie blogging buddies. It’s an amazing world we live in where we can be friends with people in other cities or even countries long before we ever actually meet them. 🙂

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