Ode to my Friend

friend, grief, loss
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Tomorrow is such a sad day for me

It is when I say my final goodbye

Your time on this earth has now ended

You’re going to join the stars in the sky

You were my best friend in childhood

We were together all the time

I loved spending time round at your house

And you were always welcome at mine.

Just like me you were clumsy

Always tripping over your feet

Once you gave me a piggy back

And we both fell over in the street!

You were always so very thoughtful

And every Valentine’s Day

You sent me a card and a present

 Even when I moved away!

Our lives moved in different directions

And yet, we never lost touch

Always there in the background

Despite, not seeing each other much.

I know you told me your feelings

And we decided that we wanted to date

We went out together at the wrong time

And ended up just staying as mates

I hadn’t seen you for ages

Then bumped into you when I had gone out

We stopped and chatted like old times

Your life seemed all sorted out

I can’t believe you have gone now

And that I won’t see you again

But I have such wonderful memories

And with me they will always remain.

66 thoughts on “Ode to my Friend

  1. What a beautiful tribute Judy. I’m sorry for your loss.It seems every death has a different way of hitting us. For me, the loss of a friend is a reminded of our own mortality because a friend is someone we share things with in a way that we could never share with our own family. ❤

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