Wacky Word Wednesday

boaster, blaggart,
Look who came up in my search! If the cap fits…… Courtesy of Wikimedia

Well, here we are, Wednesday again and ready to dig up and dust off a weird, wacky or wonderful word to share with you. Now, I have been a bit naughty this week (no, that THAT kind of naughty), and nicked a word from my lovely friend David. I have to admit to not having heard of this word before, so I shall be educating myself, as well as hopefully introducing some of you to a new word too!

Blatherskite.  Well, this is a babbling and blubbering kind of a word. The kind of gobshite that talks a load of gibberish, but loves the sound of their own voice! The blusterer  and boaster, pontificating and prattling on despite the snores and groans from the unfortunate listeners!

This talking a load of twaddle, nattering on about nonsense, uttering unintelligibly, or even gabbling a load of gobbledegook! Sounds like me when I get nervous!

44 thoughts on “Wacky Word Wednesday

      1. Maybe I’ll have to move a few hours north to Canada….just kidding, as I don’t have that option! I signed up for NaPoWriMo…would you believe I typed the wrong name for my blog? I must be getting older than I thought, or maybe just exhausted! Anyway, I corrected it–wish the hostess could just delete my error…. 🙂

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      1. Indeed. Love your Wacky Wednesdays.
        For my birthday last year, a sister presented me with a word-a-day desk calendar with words like hamartia, uxorial, quodlibert. Eke. I don’t talk like that. o_O Haven’t ripped off one page yet. 😀

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  1. Oh, Judy, you are a wordsmith deluxe. I sort of know all those words you blather about so well, but I would never think to use them. Another thing – this comment string is full of my friends. And still I have courage admit I voted for Trump. Come on, y’all! Don’t tramp on me! Funny how many people vote for him, and how few I find who admit it. They must all be working instead of blogging! Now that is supposed to be funny!:D 😀

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  2. Since it also means prattling on without ever coming to a conclusion I’d say your picture choice is wonderful Judy. I love the descriptions you’ve given here. The word just seems to convey a bit of contempt for the person you call a blatherskite.

    xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

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