You Can Do Magic – A #WQWWC Post

Not only do I love the song, but I agree, we can all bring a bit of magic to others’ lives.
The lovely Hugh, gives some perfect examples in this post 😉

Hugh's Views & News

Did you know that you can do magic?

Yes, each and every one of us on this planet can perform magic and, best of all, we can perform it as much as we like every single day of the year.

Take me for example. While searching the chocolate aisle in the supermarket on Monday, I saw an elderly lady trying to reach up for one of the largest Easter Eggs in the store. She couldn’t quite reach it and despite a shop assistant and several other customers being nearby, there was no attempt to help her.

All of a sudden the song “You Can Do Magic” by Limmie & Family Cookin’, a hit from the 1970s, came into my mind and I walked over and reached the Easter Egg off the shelf and handed it to the elderly lady. However, I didn’t only do that but I also smiled, said “hello” to…

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