Loveuary Day 23 For the Love of Earth.

Such a beautiful poem from the very talented Willow


The lovely and talented Ritu ofbutIsmileanyway.comhas set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

Link to Ritu’s post.

Link to rules and prompts


Today is Day 23, I have used my own prompt today, Mother Nature’s special love of us. This is a poem I wrote in 2013.

And yet you love us still

de190cc46f047d78ff5e2da2436c31c6Image found here

You are old now and you are tired

Your body raped and parts of you burned and fired.

Yet you love us still.

You are patient with us now even though we treat you ill.

mother_natureImage found here

You were young once golden and new

Greener than green, seas and rivers running blue.

Young then younger than time

Fresh and pristine then unlike now choked up , dirty and covered in…

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