Sir Chocolate saves Easter – a rhyming verse story

A fantastic Easter story by the extremly talented Robbie and Michael Cheadle.
They combine my two favourite things, verse and food…heavenly!

Robbie's inspiration

The Easter Bunny was in quite a state;

His Easter deliveries were going to be late;

His chocolate making machine wouldn’t start;

The mechanic said he needed a spare part.


He said off to visit Sir Chocolate, his good friend;

And see if some ideas or help he could extend;

No eggs at Easter would make the children sad;

And think that they had done something bad.

IMG_1088Sir Chocolate and the Easter Bunny

 Sir Chocolate made the Bunny some sweet tea;

It was quite an unusual problem, he did agree;

No ideas came out of their relaxed friendly talk;

So the friends decided to go for a short walk.


While walking they passed the hot chocolate pond;

They saw movement behind a Mint Willow frond;

Swimming on the pond was Daddy Chocolate Duck;

He might be able to help if they were in luck.

IMG_0961Daddy Duck and…

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