A Letter To Robert Miles

A very moving tribute …

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May 11th, 2017

Dear Robert,

When I heard the news of your death, I thought I may never write again. In fact, I didn’t write anything yesterday because my thought had come true. As soon as my fingers went towards the keyboard, I felt something from the keys pushing back at me.

I wanted to thank you for making me a writer. You see, on many occasions, I’ve been sat at the computer not knowing what to write. I may have had the opening paragraph or line to a short story, but my creative cogs had stopped turning. I’d walk away and make myself a cup of tea; go for a walk; read a book, or try taking a nap, but the words would not come to me. I felt a failure.

Then, one day, I downloaded your album, Dreamland, and before I knew it, your music started to…

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