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Featured Writer – Annette Rochelle Aben

A beautiful poem by the super talented Annette Rochelle Aben that I just had to share with you to inspire you on this Monday morning.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt



Do you know how worthy you are

Well, just look about you

Look close, look far

You’ll see trees, lakes and mountains, the sun, moon and stars

That, my friend is how worthy you are

Know in your heart, that this paradise golden

Was created for you, in times so long ago, olden

And there was no test you had to take, to know if this, your home, you should make

For the Creator, knew the master plan, that the space needed to be oh, so worthy of man

Yet, there are times, in this space, we feel so lost

As though we haven’t the money to cover the cost

Of the splendor around us, those vast open spaces

We long to retreat to our hide away places

We want to punish ourselves for we think we are less

Than all that surrounds us; with all we’ve been blessed

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New Blog post Skirting the Issue – As ma

New Blog post Skirting the Issue – As many of you many know, we have been experiencing extremely high temperatures over here in the UK at the moment, which yesterday peaked at 34 degrees Celsius (93 Fahrenheit), The post Skirting the Issue appeared first on Edwina’s Episodes.

New Blog post Wedding Bliss! – I wrote a

New Blog post Wedding Bliss! – I wrote about my parents on Sunday as it was Mum’s birthday as well as Father’s Day.  After a comment from Melinda regarding my parents’ continued friendship, I decided to share The post Wedding Bliss! appeared first on Edwina’s Episodes.