Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy


Today’s prompt for Linda’s Just Jot it January is ‘clumsy’ which, as you might have guessed, I suggested! It really was the first thing that came to mind.

Being clumsy ever since I can remember, doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, although I now just try and laugh it off. The more nervous I get, though, the clumsier I become, so meeting people for the first time or being in stressful situations can make me worse.

I remember years ago, staying at a boyfriend’s house for the weekend and meeting his family. The mother was very house proud and welcoming, so of course, I ended up knocking my coffee all over the carpet! His sisters rallied around, cleaning it up before I had chance to move, probably limiting any more damage that I might do. I was mortified.

Another time I remember was when I was being watched carrying out an aseptic procedure to be signed off by a senior nurse. That in itself made me nervous, but I had set everything out on the trolley, created my sterile field, and as I popped a bandage out of the wrapper, careful not to touch it, I squirmed when it caught the edge of the trolley and rolled onto the dirty floor! The stern glare from the Sister didn’t help my nerves either!

I could go on and on giving examples as there are so many, unfortunately, but I am sure you get the picture. Still, it has in the past, got me out of drying up the dishes!


Just Jot It January 29th – Ghost


We have ‘ghost’ for Linda’s Just Jot it January  post. I was not really sure what to write about for this as I have never seen one, nor would I ever want to!

I have decided instead to write about the film ‘Ghost.’ You know the one with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. I have to say that I am a dreadful softie when it comes to soppy films, and I bawled my eyes out when he came back to visit her from the dead! I would like to think that when we die that it isn’t the end. I hope that I will get to meet up with my dad and grandparents. It would also be wonderful if we were able to still keep an eye on those that are still living, although it would be frustrating not being able to help them in any way.

I would like to think that when we die that it isn’t the end. I hope that I will get to meet up with my dad and grandparents. It would also be wonderful if we were able to still keep an eye on those that are still living, although it would be frustrating not being able to help them in any way,  or even contact them.

What would be awful, though, is if I were doomed to roam around haunting some old, spooky building or something, rattling chains or howling, or something! That is not my idea of fun at all!

Just Jot It January 28th – Serendipity



Today’s word for Linda’s Just Jot it January is ‘serendipity.’ It is a pleasant sounding word that means happy accident or coincidence.

Trying to think of an example of this, was not as easy as I thought, but here is one I think fits the bill.

As some of you may know, I met Mr Grump for the first time when I was eighteen years old.  We were both in the Army, serving in Essex, and ended up in a volatile relationship (we were both too young) that finished with a broken engagement.

Anyway, life goes on, and I moved back home not long afterwards, and after a while married. Throughout this time, I kept in touch with my  Army friend Karen. We had joined up on the same day and became close friends. She lived quite a long way from me but we kept in contact and visited each other occasionally.

Still the years passed, and twenty-five years later when I was a divorced mum of a five-year-old, Karen got in touch to let me know she had heard from Mr Grump, and that he wanted me to contact him. Apparently, she had been on Forces Reunited looking up some old Army friends to see what they were up to and came across Mr Grump.

Needless to say, I got in touch, we met up a  month or so later, and have been together ever since! Karen was, of course, a witness at our wedding.



Just Jot it January 27th-Mendaciloquent


Well. what a word we have today for Linda’s Just Jot it January!  ‘mendaciloquent.’ Needless to say, it is not a word that I am familiar with, so I have had to look it up!  According to Encyclo.co.uk, it is ‘telling artful lies.’

I suppose it means the kind of lies, kids like to tell to get themselves out of trouble. “I left my homework on the bus, Miss” type of thing, or perhaps, “Oh, no, it wasn’t me that ate all the biscuits, the dog must have got into the biscuit tin.”

Or maybe it is the tactful husband who values his life, who tells you, “that dress looks lovely on you. Of course  it doesn’t make your bum look big!”

I am not sure what an ‘artful’ lie is, but it sounds pretty smarmy and contrived. The kind of cheesy chat-up line a bloke might chance his arm with, or the fake sincerity that a politician employs at election time!

Whatever it means, I am a pretty rubbish liar at the best of times, so think I will give this one a miss!

Just Jot It January 26th – Oneness


Quite an interesting word for Linda’s Just Jot it January prompt today, ‘oneness.’ This speaks to me of being united in something, or being of the same mind. I wonder though if it is possible to be totally ‘at one’ with someone.

As you may know, I am one of six children, Despite most of us having the same upbringing, we are all completely different in our views and outlooks. We vote for different political parties, each having our own thoughts on how the country should be run. We all think differently about religion, out of the four that are christened, only two make the odd appearance at church, the third goes at weddings and funerals, and the fourth is an atheist! The two that are not christened, do go to church occasionally but feel a little uncomfortable, as they can’t accept communion with everyone else.

We have all chosen different career paths, to match our personalities! Three enjoy the cut and thrust of sales, two work in health and social care, and one is an electrician. We even speak differently from each other! One has a very pronounced west country accent, one a northern accent and the rest of us a pretty standard southern accent.

As far as my siblings are concerned, there are definitely major differences. What about my husband? Well, we are pretty different characters as well as far as our personalities go. He is definitely more outgoing and sociable than I am. He is grumpy, I am not (well, not always), he is a real bargain hunter and canny shopper, whereas I just chuck stuff in the trolley that takes my fancy!

However, we do have many similarities, being very routine oriented, and having a similar political and religious outlook. He loves to cook, and I love to eat, and we both arrive everywhere twenty minutes early as we hate to be late!!

It’s funny really, as, although my siblings, husband and friends have very different personalities, views and beliefs, I have found something that we all have in common, and that is a very similar sense of humour!

I don’t think it matters if two people are totally at one with each other. In fact, for some, it is their differences that attract them together in the first place.