Episode 478: It’s all about Perspective.

I just had to share this story with you which you might have already seen on Facebook as it has been doing the rounds there at the moment.

A 21-year-old woman had her leg tattooed with the words ‘I’m fine’ which is depicted in the picture on the left. Now this might seem a rather odd thing to have tattooed onto your skin, but its message is much more than just those words.

As you can see from the image on the right, the same tattoo read from the woman’s viewpoint reads ‘save me.’ The reason for this is that she unfortunately  suffers from  depression, and although might look fine to others, is actually feeling far from it.

She wanted to show just how appearances can be so deceptive, as a person with depression does not necessarily go moping about with a  sad face! In fact, I know from experience that I have tried to act as normal, cracking jokes and keeping up with conversations, when I have actually just wanted to go home and back into my little ‘cocoon.’

The whole point of her getting the tattoo was to share it publicly, in order to raise awareness of depression and somehow lessen the stigma that is often attached to it. I don’t know what you think, but from my perspective it is a pretty clever way of drawing attention to condition that is so often misunderstood, and not taken seriously enough.

Episode 289: Facebook Friends – or Foes?

Having a baby is such a life-changing experience. You can’t wait to meet your little bundle and as soon as they are born, you oooh and aaaah over every little milestone, especially if they are your first. In this age of social networking, you can record and document everything for the benefit of your family and friends so they don’t miss out either.

How would you feel then if you received an anonymous letter through the post from some of your ‘friends’ slagging you off for your excessive Facebook posting? This is what happened to one poor Australian Mum.

Apparently, a group of her so-called fiends had got together and had written (or should I say typed. this was anonymous after all) to her telling her that they were fed up with her constantly posting pictures of her little girl. The said hurtful things like ‘they didn’t care that she was able to crawl on the carpet.’

They were also sick of the little girl modelling outfits that she had been given as gifts, telling her mother that she should ‘ send the person who sent the gift a private photo of her wearing it, rather than plastering it all over Facebook.

They also told this Aussie mum that they would be glad when she goes back to work so that she won’t have as much time to post as many pictures of her daughter online. These people, don’t forget, were supposed to be her friends! 

However, this mum had a good friend who happened to be a comedienne with a load of Facebook followers. She sent the nasty note to her who posted it on her own page with a little message explaining how this ‘took bitching to a whole new level.’

Who needs friends like these?!

Episode 262: I’ve No Pinterest In Tweeting on Linkedin! Maybe Facebook Is More My Style!

I try to use Social Networks

To talk about my blog

But being tech-illiterate

I’d have more luck plaiting fog!

Linked in is more like locked out

As I don’t know what to do

Twitter makes me bitter

As I haven’t got a clue!

Pinterest lost my interest

Many months ago

On Instagram I have no likes

Because I am so slow!

Facebook is my favourite

As I don’t get in a rage

It would make me very happy

If you would ‘like’ my Facebook page!


Episode 155: Nasty ‘Pizza’ Work!

Oh I love Social Networking, it is great to catch up with news on Facebook of friends you haven’t seen for years; It’s fantastic to stay in touch with family that live far away. It seems to be the perfect way to end a relationship as well! We have all heard of those poor unfortunate souls who were ‘in a relationship’ one minute, and then found out that their other half has suddenly become ‘single’.

Why bother with long drawn out discussions of ‘it’s not you,it’s me’ and ‘I think we should have a little break’ when you can just do away with the whole relationship in a click of the mouse!

Another advantage of social media sites is the open party invitation. How many have heard horror stories of teenagers being left alone for the weekend by trusting parents, only to come home Sunday afternoon to virtually no house left. and a teenager with an ASBO?(Anti-Social Behaviour Order).

I am still not that great with Twitter, but even I understand there are some things which are better not plastered all across the Internet for all to see. There is one young lady though who apparently hasn’t grasped this concept, and managed to get herself into a spot of bother.

She had recently applied and had been accepted for a job working in a pizza restaurant. As is the norm with most young people, she wanted to share her news, so decided to Tweet about it.  It turned out though that she was not overly excited about her new job and her words were, ‘Ew I start this f**k ass job tomorrow’.

Now this might have impressed all her trendy mates, but unfortunately, someone at the restaurant saw the tweet and told the boss. He understandably, took exception to her description of the job and her lacklustre attitude and promptly did a little tweet of his own. He fired her!

She then actually phoned the pizza place to confirm this. as she couldn’t believe it! Apparently. although she missed out on free pizza and a cushy job, she wasn’t bothered. She sent the boss a little cartoon pic of her with lots of money. I bet someone who  really needed that job was pleased that there are some silly people around!

Episode 98: Facing Facebook!

Good old Facebook. It has many good qualities, such as sharing news, keeping up to date with family and friends etc, but it does have its downside as well. Especially if say, a family member has a particularly awful photo of you, and they decide to share it on Facebook so everyone gets to see you in all your glory…..

Coincidentally, I have just been passing messages with Tonya from Fourth Generation Farmgirl regarding the pic she posted of herself wrapped up against the cold. She told me that her husband had posted it on Facebook as well. I laughed as I have a niece who likes to post photos on Facebook, who me and my sister often tell off, as there is yet another unflattering pic of us posted for all to see.

I remember  one of the first pics she posted was of me wallowing about on the beach next to my ex-husband, who had rather colourful and unflattering swimming trunks on! I was not happy, especially as I worked at a secondary school at the time it was posted; some of the kids saw it, and I got a bit of ribbing for it!

She also put one on of me and my older sister doing a bit of karaoke (when it was first popular in the UK, back in the 80’s). It was Christmas time, and I was dressed all in gold! (I always like a bit of sparkle at Christmas, but this was a bit much by anybody;s standards.  I think I had recently had my hair done as well as it looks rather curly which it is not normally. Anyway, here for your amusement is said pic. (I have cut out my sister as she would kill me)!

80's pic

Now my niece is beautiful, (in fact all of my nieces are) and along with that, very photogenic so there is never a dreadful picture of her; she also has a very good dress sense (Thank God she doesn’t get that from her Auntie)! I however look horrendous in photos, particularly now as I have put on a lot of weight in the last few years.

I hate my photo being taken, and I have tried to pick out the best of a bad bunch to put up on Facebook. However, today I have just been on there and I noticed that my niece had put up an old pic of herself, which apparently was her first profile picture. Of course it is a lovely pic, and she has nominated me to do the same!

Well I did find my first profile pic, and I have put it up on Facebook. In fact, I had no objections at all. The reason being is  I look a damn sight better than I do now! In fact, when I came across that pic earlier on today, (it was taken just after my 40th birthday) I cried my eyes out! It doesn’t  look like me anymore. I realise that I have changed so much in just 8 years.

In fact at my doctor’s appointment today (Still trying to sort out my anxiety), one of the things he asked me to do was to work really hard at losing weight over the next 6 weeks before I go back to see him again. So, I am using that old profile pic as my kick up the arse to get myself motivated to lose that weight, and get back to being me again!