World Poetry Day

I originally wrote this for last year but thought it should have another airing for those of you that missed it!

I love to write a  poem

About all kinds of stuff

The things that make me happy

Or to moan when things get tough!

There are many types of poem

From which to take your pick

A Haiku, sonnet or blank verse

Ode or Limerick

Some poems can be so funny

Others make you cry

Many are inspiring

So go and give one a try

I want to add my voice to others

In this unique display

Of poets coming together

For World Poetry Day!

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Shadows

Graduation - Shadow!

I found it quite tricky looking for shadows to take part in TJ household challenge prompt this week, so have had to use a bit of creative licence (ok cheat a bit)! Although I did find a shadow in one of my photos that was great to use, it is not exactly a household one!

Graduation day,

The dean awaits me on stage,

Don’t let me trip up! 






Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #71 ‘Cover’ and ‘Colour.’

We have been given the prompt words of ‘colour’ and ‘cover’ for Ron’s Weekly Haiku Challenge this week which gives plenty of scope for a nature Haiku,

Here is my attempt:

Early morning sky:

Dull, covered by murky grey.

Orange brings colour.

Moody Sky

Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 69: ‘Haiku’ & ‘Mind’

I decided that I had to still take part in Ronovan’s weekly Haiku challenge despite trying to participate in NaNoWriMo as I would get withdrawal symptoms otherwise!

The prompt words actually gave me a hard time this week!

Anyway, here is what I made of it:

My mind is tortured;

Crashing, swirling thoughts break through;

A Haiku is born


Ronovan’s Writes, Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge; #68 ‘Muse’ & ‘Pen’

This week I think the words are a little tricky! Ronovan has given us ‘pen’ and ‘muse’ to use for his Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt, and this is where I ended up with them!

Chewing on my pen,

musing over what to write…….

Don’t my nails look nice?