Episode 495: My Writing Space.

We have been given a couple of tasks today by the Writing 101 team. The first is which is to describe our writing place, what equipment we might need to have nearby, and what kind of surroundings we like to be in. If we do not currently have our ideal writing space then what would it be like.

My writing space is my dining table which is in the living room. I have quite a small house so there is nowhere for me to have a dedicated writing area. Although we do have a family PC, I prefer to use my laptop. Funnily enough though, I always like to use it at the table, I am no good with typing on it, balanced on my knees on my bed, or sitting on the settee.

I have got a permanent hot drink just to the side of my laptop, which is absolutely vital in order for me to produce anything that makes some sort of sense! I also have my headphones plugged in so that if Mt Grump is watching a loud film or something I can try and block it out!  I also have a notebook and pen handy, just in case I need to make any notes to remind myself about something (my memory is a bit erratic and not to be trusted)!

In the corner of the photo, you might just be able to see the back door. My chair is right next to it so I can benefit from some fresh air, and see a bit of sunshine (or rain as the case may be)!

I prefer to write in silence, which works out well for an hour or so, as I get up very early normally, long before anyone else is up. The rest of the time, I just try and filter out the noise (especially when my neighbour is singing at the top of his voice), shut the door, put my headphones on and get on with it! Ideally, I would love to have my own little writing ‘room’ which I can keep nice and quiet!

The second task for today was to insert a poll (ooh sounds painful), in order to get some ideas of what blog posts you, the lovely reader, would like me to write about (I have a feeling they will be used pretty soonish). That is tricky as I am not sure what to offer for you to choose from, as I usually just write about whatever comes to mind! If I have not covered something you would like me to cover, then please write it in the comments and I will include it.

Episode 353: The Power of Technology!

Thus morning I actually had a lie-in and didn’t get up until 9am which is unheard of for me! Nobody else was awake as we had a bit of a late night and after the other morning I decided to just let everyone else sleep in, especially as it is Mr Grump’s birthday today (yes he is another year grumpier)!

Anyway, I went into the bathroom, and the light didn’t come on, so I thought the bulb had gone, However, on going downstairs, I realised that we had a power cut and nothing was working! Oh, this is novel, I remember as a little girl we used to have quite a few power cuts and Mum always had some candles and a torch handy so at least we could see!

Seeing as it was well into the morning I didn’t need any of those, but I did want a cup of tea. Luckily we have a gas cooker so I just boiled up some water, no problem. I usually go on my laptop early on but with no internet or electricity I had to give that a miss. Hmmmm, what to do?! How did we amuse ourselves before technology took over the world with its hypnotic powers, drawing us in and keeping us occupied?

I went on my mobile and looked at my notifications from Word Press. I had a few comments so decided to reply to them, only to realise that I can’t send it as I have no internet. Now what? I know, I’ll play Candy Crush on my tablet, I am doing quite well with that. I started playing but then realised I had to connect in order to progress, but I had no bloody internet, damn it!

I am not very used to silence either, I always put the TV on first thing to watch the news for a while whilst I catch with reading some blogs, but of course that was out, so I read for a while. I do read a lot but never in the daytime, preferring to relax just before I go to sleep by reading a good book. I did enjoy the 20 minutes or so before the power suddenly burst back into life, but felt really tired!

The others finally got up soon after and although Mr Grump does not like to make any fuss about his birthday, we gave him his presents and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him which I think he enjoyed. Miss Hap is at a friend’s tonight for a sleepover so we are going to have a nice quiet night in together.

As it is his birthday I bought him the latest ‘Lord of the Rings’ DVD in 3D which he is watching now, and I haven’t even moaned about it once! I hate those bloody films and just cannot get into them at all. He is sitting there though, as happy as Larry, Roxy not far away from him as usual. What a shame it would be if there was a power cut now!

Episode 329: You Know You Are Addicted to Blogging When……

  • One of the first things you do in the morning is to log on to see whether you have any comments or not.
  • You have the ‘WordPress’ App on every device you own and are not afraid to use it!
  • Even when at work, as soon as you have a break, you check your mobile phone for notifications.
  • Whenever something happens, especially if it is funny, you have to blog about it.
  • You have to put your mobile on ‘silent’ at night, because if you hear it vibrate you cannot rest until you have looked at it to see if it is a notification from WordPress.
  • Your family knows exactly where to find you…at your laptop blogging.
  • In conversation, you find yourself saying…”Oh yes, I read/heard about that on (insert blog name).”
  • You find yourself becoming interested in statistics for once in your life, just so you can figure out how many ‘hits’ you have had!
  • You lap up any information you can that gives hints and tips on becoming a better blogger!

Episode 148: Family Night…..

The weekend is upon us. The time for families to spend quality time together enjoying each other’s company….not in our house!

We all started off sitting together in the front room having dinner, then Miss Hap got a call afterwards from a school friend, She decided that they needed to ‘face time’ each other as talking is obviously not enough (neither is the fact that she was just with her at school a few hours previously) and she clomped off upstairs to get some privacy!

I remember those days when younger and my friends would phone on the weekend. My Mum and step-dad would moan loudly about ‘bloody kids’ phoning up when we only saw them 5 minutes ago. We didn’t have the luxury of a cordless phone and the cable wasn’t that long either. That normally meant sitting in the front room trying to talk to your friend whilst getting withering glances from the others as you were disturbing their TV viewing pleasure!

Privacy was not an option. If you were lucky, you might be able to yank the phone out to the hall and sit on the stairs for 5 minutes, before being yelled at to ‘get off the bloody phone’ – even if your friend called you! Those were the days!

Mt Grump has plonked himself in front of the (blaring) TV  with a few beers, to watch the Rugby. It is England V Wales, and is being played in his home town of Cardiff. The rest of the family are English, and he has been getting a few texts from them commiserating over Wales’ inevitable trouncing by England even though it hasn’t started yet! In fact we are being treated to a light show of dizzying brilliance.

I am sat at my laptop trying to block out the bloody racket coming from the TV. My headphones have blocked out about 50% of it, but no doubt I will still hear the shouts if Wales score, or the swearing if England do!

Good old technology. where would we be with out it?…..Probably all sitting around playing a board game and spending quality family time together no doubt!!!

Episode 141: Not Worth The Paper It’s Printed On!

I just had to share this wacky news article I came across today. It features a surfboard a MacBook, and a poor disgruntled wannabe DJ….

After suffering from a nasty lung condition which forced him to give up his job, and his passion for surfing, a young man from Devon decided to sell his precious surfboard and buy a laptop with the money so he could set himself up in business as a DJ.

As he wanted to get the most for his money, hie did the sensible thing and headed off to good old Ebay, and began bidding on a MacBook. Now these usually sell for about £1500 so when his was the winning bid at £300, he was thrilled to say the least. His dreams of becoming a Wedding DJ were about to materialise.

He waited excitedly for his new possession to arrive, and a couple of days later it did! Excitedly he tore open the box (which incidentally felt a little light, but you know how modern technology is, always streamlining things).

Lo and behold……there was his MacBook. Well actually it was a photocopy of a Macbook. A very nice MacBook it looked too, but he would never actually get to touch it, let alone use it, as he had been scammed! Even though he had checked out the seller as much as he could,and there seemed to be nothing untoward, he was duped.

EBay of course, will look into it, and I am sure this poor chap will get his money back but I did feel for him. I know how exciting it is bidding on something, and then winning it at a bargain price. However, no matte how much we are warned that when something is too good to be true then it probably is, we still fall for it time and time again. We are the eternal optimists!