Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge -Romance


If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.”

-A.A. Milne


I thought that I would  join in with Ron and Colleen’s Writer’s quote Wednesday writing challenge this week. I love the way they have given it a bit of a revamp and now we can choose to write poetry and haiku as well as flash fiction, that means that I can have a go too.

Here is my take on romance:


I am an affectionate person

With a lot of love in my soul

I want to make you so happy

Bringing light to your life is my goal

I hate to see anyone crying

And it hurts me to see you in pain

I want to make everything better

And make sure you’re smiling again

To hold onto your hand when you’re frightened

To make sure you know that I’m there

I want to allay all your worries

And show you just how much that I care

A smile or a joke passed between us

Or the meaning behind a quick glance

The love we still have together

This old codger’s idea of romance!


Well Here it is!


I am very thrilled and delighted to show you my beautiful, shiny new book! Chris at The Story Reading Ape has done an absolutely brilliant job of designing the perfect cover for it too.  He was so helpful and accommodating to me, despite my inexperience in these matters and problems with my e-mail!

At the moment, it is available at CreateSpace, and is now available on Kindle and Amazon.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I had been encouraged to publish a collection of my poems, and now I have finally done it! I do love to rhyme things and this book is pretty much a compilation of some of my favourites! I have even included some of the raunchier ones to add a little extra spice!





Writespiration #82: Nostalgia That Hurts


This week for Sacha’s Writespiration prompt we are asked to write about nostalgia that hurt.  For obvious reasons this poem is a little more serious than my usual ones!

I thought my life was over

The day I walked away

Ten years down the drain

Nothing left to say

I gave you everything I had

My heart, my love, my soul

But, you had never loved me

Just wanted to be in control

The day that we got married

You said that I was fat

Just two guests at our wedding

It was over in 10 minutes flat!

Then you became possessive

And wracked with jealousy

Stupidly I was pleased

Thought it meant you cared for me

I always wanted children

 You said you wanted none

Yet an affair I found out later

Had produced your eldest son

I really tried to make it work

But I became so trodden down

The final straw was knowing

That your wife had come to town.

 I left your life with nothing

But a few clothes that I packed

And the freedom to be me again

And to never, ever look back!

Alphabet Leap Year Poem

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A very special day is here

Because it doesn’t happen much

Cupid gets to play again

Deciding whose heart to touch

Every four years it comes around

For some it is quite thrilling

Getting ready for the moment

Hoping that their partner’s willing!

It takes a lot of courage and

Just a little bit of planning

Keeping so many secrets

Leading to misunderstanding

Making sure the moment’s right

Now what was I going to say?

Oh my God, I’ve lost my nerve

Perhaps another day

Quitting now is stupid

Really, it has to be tonight

Sitting here together

The setting is just right

Under the gleaming moonlight,

Velvet softness of the sky

Will you marry me I ask?

Xcitement  fills the air

Yes, I was hoping you would ask me

Zealous cheering everywhere!

Good Golly Miss Molly!



As I may have mentioned, I became a very proud great-aunty on Sunday to the beautiful little Molly that I wrote about for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge this week showing her scan picture.

Well, this is the little beauty now at just 4 days old! We have not had a baby in our family since I had Miss Hap which was 12 years ago, so needless to say, we are all very thrilled and excited to have a new addition to the family.

I was off this Wednesday, so nipped down to see the proud new parents and little Molly. I’d forgotten just how gorgeous baby cuddles are, even if Molly wasn’t that impressed! cuddles