Episode 310: Happy Birthday Beauty!

Was it really 12 years ago

I first held you in my arms?

Your face all scrunched and wrinkled

And little skinny legs and arms!

I had waited so long to have you

And I never thought I’d see

That this beautiful, perfect baby

Would actually belong to me

To start with things were tricky

As it was just the two of us

But we muddled through it

With the minimum of fuss

You have grown so very quickly

And are now nearly a teen

You are clever, bright and funny

And look like a Beauty Queen

We have come so far together

I’m so proud of my little girl

So Happy Birthday darling

You really rock my world!

Episode 300: Life’s Little Niggles.

Today I was just having a ponder on the little niggles in life that drive me mad. You know the kind of thing, I am off today and yet I am not feeling very well, not to mention the fact that some strange spot thing has appeared under my eye. This has swollen the bags under my eye so that I look pretty horrendous! Anyway here are more of my little annoyances.

  • Why is it that when you try to show somebody how to do something, you bugger it up regardless of how many times you have done it faultlessly before?
  • Why is it that on the rare occasions we get visitors, the bloody phone doesn’t stop ringing?!
  • Why do I always break a nail just when I have got them all the same length?
  • Why am I the only person in the house who refills the loo roll when it runs out?
  • How comes someone who looks the same build as me is two sizes smaller?
  • Why is it that my dog adores Mr Grump and virtually ignores me? (Little floozie)!
  • Why can’t I learn how to do fancy braids in my hair, despite watching numerous tutorials?
  • Why have I got the only child that looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards before she even gets to school?
  • Why can’t I be one of those people who eat like a bird, rather than a horse?
  • Why can’t I make a sandwich without making a mess?

I suppose life would be boring if everything were perfect; it would  be nice to try it for a day though!

Episode 238: Self(ie) Confidence!

Selfies seem to be so popular at the moment, especially with the young, Now I am not very photogenic so am not that keen on having my picture taken at the best of times. My daughter, however is just the opposite!

She loves to take selfies whenever we go anywhere, and very often tries to get me in on it as well. When one of my best friends got married last year Miss Hap took a load of selfies at our table.  I ended up being in several of the shots, either stuffing myself with food and looking like Bessie Bunter, or having some sort of gormless expression on my face. (I know that might be normal for me but I don’t want her bandying the photos around her friends for their mocking pleasure)!

Now I don’t mind it when she uses one of the funny apps on the phone to scrunch up the face and twist it around a bit so that you end up resembling some evil pixie type of creature. as that is really quite amusing. What I do hate though is the ‘Fatify’ app or whatever it is called!

You might have noticed that I am not the slimmest of people, but by the time this app has finished with me, I have gained yet another three chins! Likewise the ‘oldify’ app. That is hideous as well. Having said that they are all in good fun and thank goodness she sees them as that way too.

In my day, ‘the camera never lied’ but of course now that is far from the truth. We have all heard of these ‘celebrities’ that have photoshopped their already slender bodies in order to shave off a few inches here and there, plus erase some ‘unsightly’ wrinkle, or mark. The end result is a far from realistic image of a supposedly ‘perfect’ person.

Luckily for me, Mr Grump likes a woman with ‘a bit of meat on her bones.’ I am aware that I may have a little too much to be healthy and for that reason need to lose some weight. I do not make a big thing out of it though as I don’t want to make weight an issue which might start influencing my daughter.

My daughter is extremely active and spends loads of time running around, The fact that she is only 11 years old as well, I do not think she should be overly worried at this point about her weight, and thank goodness she doesn’t seem to be. I do try to encourage her to be a little healthier though.

I love this ‘selfie’ of myself and my daughter, it is my favourite picture. She has done something to it with an app, but it only alters the colour, it doesn’t add or take anything away. I hope she continues to be body confident, and enjoys her youth!