Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 9: Stripes


I am so glad that Hugh’s photo challenge is back! I am still working on my photography skills so it the perfect challenge for me to have a go at!

Today we have the theme of ‘stripes.’ I could not think of anything obvious, and was not impressed by Mr Grump’s ‘helpful’ suggestion of taking a photo of him in his stripey jumper which makes him look like a rather elderly,  follically challenged ‘Dennis the Menace!’

However, whilst out walking with Roxy this morning I thought the clouds looked rather stripey.

What do you think?

Just Jot It January 6th – Cloud


Today’s prompt word is ‘cloud’ for Linda’s Just Jot It January. As you can see from my photo, today we have blue skies and puffy white clouds which make a change from all the awful rain that we have been having recently!

Anyway, I am not going to talk about that type of cloud, I am going to venture into the unknown (for me) and talk about storage clouds. I am not very tech savvy at all. I can use the computer to do roughly what I need to do, although there is still a lot more to learn. Thanks to some fellow bloggers, I can now use Picmonkey and Canva (the basics at least), and have learned over time more about some  of the WordPress features.

What I am now trying to get to grips with is this little cloud symbol I have on my laptop. I know it is ‘One Drive’ and that it saves everything to it from all of my devices which actually seems a great idea. The thing is I have got Dropbox and some Google photo thing where my photos go to as well! I know that Elizabeth was also talking about her cloud in this post and deleting photos from her phone, whether or not they would still be on the cloud.

What I want to know is, if I have got all these pics in all these places taking up all of my laptop memory, where is the best place for me to keep them, and is it safe to delete them from all the other places?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂




Friday Free-For-All

Yes, it’s back! My Friday-Free-For-All has returned after a temporary holiday whilst I took part in NaNoWriMo.

As usual, I have chosen some posts that have struck a chord with me in one way or another, either they are funny, sad, or inspirational in some way. I then wanted to share them with you in case you missed them, which would be a dreadful shame. Please take a moment to visit the blogs too as they have so many more wonderful posts to offer.

From This Day Forward I enjoyed this post as it is something that resonated with me. I am certainly guilty of this and need to take the advice given!

Steve Says If you want a laugh, then you must head on over to Steve’s blog. This festive fun had me laughing my head off! I know it is wrong of me to laugh, but I am secure in the knowledge that some of my stuff could probably end up somewhere like this in years to come!

John D Eccles In light of recent terrible events, this post was particularly poignant. Such a small thing to do,  that could change so much.

Waar mijn pen ligt, ben ik thuis This was absolutely beautiful. so simple yet touched me so much.

So there you have a few tasty morsels to keep you satisfied over the weekend. Enjoy.

Happy Friday!



Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 6: Unused

I had to wrack my poor brains this week for Hugh’s Photo Challenge  as he wanted us to photograph something ‘unused.’

Now that is no mean feat in this house, as everything we have gets used, and if it doesn’t, it is something that is chucked in a cupboard, but has been used.

I know this is a  bit of a cop-out, but it is the only thing I can think of. I bought this dress at the end of the summer as I really love the colours and unusual design. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, though, and it still has the tags on it,  so I think this counts as unused!

Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 4: Isolated

Hugh has chosen ‘Isolated’ for his photo challenge this week.

The photo that I have chosen depicts a beautiful piece of Kent countryside! It is just to the back of the offices where I am now based, and only a 10-minute walk from my house. Mr Grump takes Roxy for her walk there, as there is plenty of space for her to run around and tire herself out!  It is a pretty quiet spot though and you would not believe that there are shops, offices and houses, just a stones throw away!