World Poetry Day

I originally wrote this for last year but thought it should have another airing for those of you that missed it!

I love to write a  poem

About all kinds of stuff

The things that make me happy

Or to moan when things get tough!

There are many types of poem

From which to take your pick

A Haiku, sonnet or blank verse

Ode or Limerick

Some poems can be so funny

Others make you cry

Many are inspiring

So go and give one a try

I want to add my voice to others

In this unique display

Of poets coming together

For World Poetry Day!

Well Here it is!


I am very thrilled and delighted to show you my beautiful, shiny new book! Chris at The Story Reading Ape has done an absolutely brilliant job of designing the perfect cover for it too.  He was so helpful and accommodating to me, despite my inexperience in these matters and problems with my e-mail!

At the moment, it is available at CreateSpace, and is now available on Kindle and Amazon.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I had been encouraged to publish a collection of my poems, and now I have finally done it! I do love to rhyme things and this book is pretty much a compilation of some of my favourites! I have even included some of the raunchier ones to add a little extra spice!





Tree Style!!

Winter tree

Majestically it stands there

Surveying all it sees

The winter branches barren

Devoid of lush green leaves.

Yet life is still within it

Just waiting for the spring

When its buds start blooming

And the birds begin to sing

In summer comes its glory

When it wears a party dress

Of several different colours

Its beauty outshines the rest

Then autumn comes a-calling

And it starts a slow striptease

The leaves are changing colour

And are dropping in the breeze

This is the work of nature

Of death and then rebirth

The barren and the beautiful

The treasures from the earth.

Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #70 ‘Crane’ and ‘Gold’

Well  I thought the prompt words were tricky last week, then I saw what Ron had given us for today’s Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt. I am cross with him as I have been wracking my poor brains to come up with something that is half-decent!

Anyway, on a separate note, congratulations Ron for smashing the NaNoWriMo challenge already and passing the 50 000 mark! That is brilliant, and of course, I am not jealous!!! 😉

So back to the Haiku. I was hoping to try to get a photo of the recent blood moon eclipse, but failed! This was before the actual eclipse as I missed the main event!

Craning my neck to

capture a golden moment….

I missed the eclipse!

Blood Moon