#SoCS… on Sunday!

I missed Linda’s Stream of Consciousness yesterday, but I thought I would sneak it in today and hope I don’t get told off! Anway, today we are to start with a contraction, and get a few brownie points if we end with one as well,  so here goes.

I’ve just come back from a night away with Mr Grump. It was our first night away together since we got married six years ago. My Mum stayed over at our house to look after Miss Hap and Roxy and Grump and I set off around 10 am  to get to our final destination of Ham, Sandwich!

The weather was wet and grey but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We stopped off in Hythe and had a massive brunch which would set us up for a while, and poked around in some of the pretty boutique shops they have there.

Next stop was Deal but we passed Dover Castle on the way. It looks pretty imposing on top of the hill but I still didn’t manage to do it justice in my photos!


In Deal we found some more lovely shops and the first one I went in I found a lovely dress which I had to have! In the last shop we went to, it looked more like a little house. Once we finally managed to locate the doorway, we walked into an Aladdin’s cave. There were sparkly jewels in the shape of skulls and Lizards, wonderful long, satiny dresses with lacy panels, the coolest men’s shirts I have ever seen with all kinds of patterns on them,  guitars, musical notes, Union Jacks, bright colours and multicoloured buttons. The owner of this shop was a little man with a beanie hat on that was sat behind a counter almost buried by yet more goodies, sequinned hats. floaty scarves, that were draped all around. We had shown an interest in the coats that were there but there was so much stuff, I didn’t know where to look., with He told us that he had a downstairs too and pointed to a small spiral banister-less stairway that led downwards. We gingerly made our way down just as another couple came into the shop.

There were racks of dresses and shirts down there too jam-packed into every crevice which left about 2 meters left to walk on. This was a bit awkward when the couple and shop owner came down as the male half of the couple was about 6ft tall and pretty wide! WE kind of danced around each other and Grump and I decided to go back upstairs which of course I managed to fall up! We checked out the coats again and the owner told us he was knocking off some money as it was his ‘winter stock.’

He picked out a brightly coloured coat for me which I already had my eye on and gestured for me to try it on. Of course, as I put my arms out to get them into the coat I whacked the mannequin he had nearby, displaying a gaudy had and some necklaces. He looked a bit askance when I apologised again for being clumsy, but the coat was a perfect fit! I loved it! To me, it was like Joseph’s technicoloured Dreamcoat with the bright colours.

The Coat
This is me modelling the coat to show Mum when we got home. Sorry it’s the back, but I have got my eyes closed in the front shot!

As you can tell, I bought the coat. We went to the hotel and settled in and ate yet more food. I tried to go for the healthy option but there was none, so I didn’t! Look at the size of Mr Grump’s steak here, it was an inch and a half thick!


We had a lovely day and had a huge breakfast this morning before we left. In fact, we had so much to eat the last couple of days that my poor tummy is protesting! In fact, we cancelled the carvery we were going to have today as much as I might want it, my body certainly doesn’t!



Just Jot it January 21st – Mittens

Well, today’s Just Jot it January prompt word brought to us by lovely Linda is a bit of a fun one, ‘mittens.’

The first thing that springs to mind with this is those little rounded  gloves that encompass all of the fingers together and keeps the thumb separate. Great for keeping the hands warm, but hopeless if you try to do anything with them on. Getting money out of a purse being particularly tricky. This means that they have to be taken off quite a bit, thereby defeating the object of keeping your hands warm!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

I remember when my daughter was young, she had a pair of mittens tied together with a long, skinny length of matching fabric that would be threaded through the sleeves of her coat. This was supposed to keep them from getting lost as they would dangle just below her hands if taken off. I think these turned about to be more hassle than they were worth, though.

Trying to get a squirming, wriggling toddler into her coat whilst avoiding tangling her up with the bloody  stringed mittens was no mean feat! Not to mention we were both hot and sweaty after the struggle and she didn’t want the damned thing on anyway!

Just Jot it January 11th – Effortless


For Linda’s Just Jot it January today, the prompt word we have is ‘effortless.’ I thought I might do something a little different for me and write a list of things that I wish I could do effortlessly!

  • Walk up the stairs – my knees creak and groan in protest.
  • Look immaculately groomed – My hair always ends up looking bedraggled, and my makeup (when I wear it) gets rubbed off in places or smudged, where I have forgotten I am wearing it and rub my eye or something!
  • Sing – I love music, but can’t hold a tune and end up screeching along to my favourites songs, struggling to hit any of the right notes!
  • Read – yes I can still read, but half the time, I have to search for my glasses to be able to see properly! In fact, I have even resorted to wearing them most of the time now.
  • Go shopping without a shopping list! – My memory is not what it used to be and I can guarantee that if I don’t write it down, then I will forget it. Actually, sometimes, I forget to put it on the list in the first place!
  • Lose weight – now this, of course, is just wishful thinking, but it would be nice
  • Do the housework – Ah yes, I remember the days when I would zip around the house like a dynamo, getting all of the work done and then relaxing in my clean and sparkling home. Now it takes me half an hour to motivate myself to get the vacuum out!

Still, looking on the bright side, I wouldn’t have much to blog about if I were to walk through life effortlessly!

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Christmas

We have the lovely theme of ‘Christmas’ to use this week as our prompt for TJ’s household haiku challenge 

Christmas means lots of things to me, one of them is hearing Christmas carols which always make me feel festive.


Out Christmas shopping

Stop for coffee and carols

Christmas is coming!

Christmas Carols
Town Centre Christmas Carolers

Another is my Christmas tableware. Now it is now that often that we actually have Christmas dinner at home, but I love my Christmas gravy boat…


Christmas gravy boat

Mr Grump smashed it last year

Sister replaced it!

Gravy boat

Episode 276: Teamwork!

Me and Mr Grump make a pretty good team. This morning when he went off to work, I mentioned what I fancied for dinner tonight, and as he is based smack bang between two mini supermarkets I thought he might like to pop in and get the ingredients. He told me he didn’t, and that I have got the car, and could go myself!

Now this is true, but there is no harm in trying my luck even if it didn’t work this time. Off me and Miss Hap trot to the local supermarket and, as was expected, she was ‘helping’ me choose what shopping we needed.

Now I didn’t think popcorn, Pepperami and feta cheese were what I had in mind for dinner (oh, what a stomach-churning mixture)!  She had talked me into a feta salad for her lunch which I agreed, and after picking my mum up a couple of things she needed (and a couple of things she didn’t, courtesy of Miss Hap) we went to visit mum.

It was when I got home and was unpacking the bags that I realised I was missing something. I had bought the aubergine and courgettes that we were going to have roasted but had forgotten the belly pork that we were going to have it with!

I thought I had better ring up Mr Grump so he could pick it up before he came home, but it went straight to voicemail. Bugger! Oh well, we will have to have something else instead I thought.

Not even five minutes later Mr Grump’s van pulls up right outside the kitchen window, he gets out with a few carrier bags which he dumps in the kitchen then shot off again! He had obviously thought I wasn’t go to get any shopping and had  done it himself!

He loves grocery shopping (God knows why) and had bought far more stuff than I did! Some of it we actually needed as well! Funnily enough though, although he bought the pork, he didn’t get the veg!

Between us we have got it sussed!