Just Jot it January 11th – Effortless


For Linda’s Just Jot it January today, the prompt word we have is ‘effortless.’ I thought I might do something a little different for me and write a list of things that I wish I could do effortlessly!

  • Walk up the stairs – my knees creak and groan in protest.
  • Look immaculately groomed – My hair always ends up looking bedraggled, and my makeup (when I wear it) gets rubbed off in places or smudged, where I have forgotten I am wearing it and rub my eye or something!
  • Sing – I love music, but can’t hold a tune and end up screeching along to my favourites songs, struggling to hit any of the right notes!
  • Read – yes I can still read, but half the time, I have to search for my glasses to be able to see properly! In fact, I have even resorted to wearing them most of the time now.
  • Go shopping without a shopping list! – My memory is not what it used to be and I can guarantee that if I don’t write it down, then I will forget it. Actually, sometimes, I forget to put it on the list in the first place!
  • Lose weight – now this, of course, is just wishful thinking, but it would be nice
  • Do the housework – Ah yes, I remember the days when I would zip around the house like a dynamo, getting all of the work done and then relaxing in my clean and sparkling home. Now it takes me half an hour to motivate myself to get the vacuum out!

Still, looking on the bright side, I wouldn’t have much to blog about if I were to walk through life effortlessly!

Episode 333: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #45: Pitch and Time

It is that time again when Ronovan sets us the week’s Haiku challenge. The words that we are to use this week are ‘pitch’ and ‘time’. I shall try not to lower the tone this time!

Here is my attempt:

Early Risers.

It is 4am:

Time for the starlings to sing

Their pitch is too high!

photo credit. RSPCB
photo credit. RSPCB

Episode 280: Sunny Seaside.

Well what a beautiful day we had today. The weather was surprisingly mild for April and following on from yesterday’s spring clean, I ‘persuaded’ Mr Grump to venture into the airing cupboard (with step-ladder) and get out my summer curtains. Yes, that is how optimistic I was feeling!

Mr Grump had also been bitten by the Spring Fever bug as he decided that it would be great to have a family BBQ tomorrow, so we sent out invites (via text of course), and set about the job of tidying up the garden.

A bit of scrubbing and maneuvering later and everything looked shipshape and ready for tomorrow, It was glorious to feel the sun on my back as I was outside in just a little vest top.It certainly makes me feel better when I see a bit of sunshine.

Around lunchtime we decided to hit the coast which is only a few miles away. It was so warm down there (even with the sea breeze) that we still didn’t need a coat. There were even 2 very brave little girls in the sea in swimming cossies. The dog and Miss Hap both wimped out of going in, although Miss Hap did stick her toe in!

Of course, being at the seaside you have got to have an ice cream (well if you are a child certainly), and Miss Hap had a double 99! I was going to get some chips but did not see any, so had a pancake instead! I had cheese garlic and it nearly blew my head off. God knows how much he put in there but it was at least 2 raw cloves. I must have stunk the car out on the way home, as I was the only one to have it. I felt a bit queasy myself as I kept getting a whiff of it!

We came home then called in on my younger sister (Mrs Masterchef) and her husband (Mr Musician) plus my niece was there (Ms Beauty).They were burning some garden rubbish so we sat outside around the fire until way after dark, before going indoors for a sing-song.

What a gorgeous day. It really does seem like spring is on its way!

2015-04-10 23.46.45_wm_resized

Episode 206: Sing-A-Long Sunday

I do love those off-the-cuff days, where you have nothing planned as such, and things take an unexpected but really pleasant turn…..

My younger sister (Mrs Masterchef) phoned and asked Mr Grump if he had some tools, as she had a new water-butt that needed installing, and as the weather was glorious again today, it  was ideal to do the job. Her husband (Mr Musician) is not renown for his DIY skills and we were invited to their house so that Mr Grump (who is very handy) could help if necessary.

Miss Hap was visiting nanny and playing with friends there so didn’t come with us, I had decided that i would wear my lovely  high heels to match my outfit that wasn’t black (for once). Anyway once we got there and saw them in their wellies and working clothes I felt a bit over-dressed teetering about in my clod-hoppers!

I made myself comfortable out in the sun and left Mrs Masterchef and Mr Grump grappling with a standpipe and a hacksaw, and Mr Musician at the very top of the garden digging it over, and pulling out huge roots that had more meat on them than he did!

I did occasionally wander over to see how they were getting on fitting the water butt and cringed when i saw a hairline crack had appeared in one of the fittings, after a bit of manhandling by Mr Grump. Time for a cup of tea I think! All of them were on the booze so I put the kettle on for myself, but spilt water all over the worktop as the lid came off the water jug.

Once the work was done and they had tidied up, Mr Musician went to get his guitar for a bit of a sing-along. I love these occasions, as both he and my sister have fantastic voices, and they sing so well together too. Myself and Mr Grump decided to lower the tone a bit and we crooned along. I thought we all did a brilliant version of  ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ that 10cc would have enjoyed.

By this time the high heels that were killing my feet had been kicked  off, and Mrs Masterchef’s fluffy bootie type slippers put on. One of the advantages of being in the company of family (especially when they are the same shoe size)!

Time went all too quickly before we needed to go home to have dinner and prepare for work and school tomorrow, I just love those kind of chilled days, enjoying the company of family. Oh and as an added bonus; since I have given up smoking my voice is not as croaky as before, and I occasionally even hit the right note!

Episode 120: More To Me Than Meets The Eye

I have come to the conclusion that I am quite a contradictory person. My actions are quite often out of sync with my personality. I will think one thing and then do another….

For instance, for someone who is still quite shy, and awkward when meeting people, you would think that the last thing I would want to do is blogging! I mean, by its very nature, it is putting my thoughts and opinions out there for all and sundry to read, and comment on. By the same token, I also comment on other people’s blogs.

This means that I have to interact with people who I do not know, in fact have never even met! I could well be opening myself up to a great deal of criticism if someone objects to, or misunderstands one of my posts,

I have even put videos on my blog of myself reading my poems as I wanted to ensure they were conveyed in the way that I intended them to be. What kind of dunce does that when they are very conscious of how they look? Not only that, I haven’t even used my name but have plastered my image all over the place….

Another irony is that I suffer from depression, but like to try to write humorous posts! What is that all about?! I know that laughing is good for the soul, so I like to try to see the funny side of things. One of my great pleasures in life is to make others happy. If I can do that by making them laugh then so much the better, However, it can be one hell of a struggle coming up with funny posts when that is the last thing that I am feeling (especially recently)!

I am a huge fan of music, and yet I can neither sing nor dance! Many is the time that I have gone to my sister’s house for a [arty and they have ended up getting out the karaoke machine.Now her and her husband used to do this as a business, and they both can sing very well (my brother-in-law is also a musician).

It doesn’t stop me from snatching the mike and screeching my head off to one of my favourite numbers, and this is sober as I don’t drink!  I can see my brother-in-law frantically twiddling knobs trying to drown me out or make me sound better, or something!

Dancing is a bit more of a problem! Despite my two left feet, I will strut around my front room when the mood takes me, but I still hate dancing if I am out anywhere. What I hate even more is if someone attempts to dance with me. A family friend once grabbed hold of me and started trying to twirl me around, but I immediately went stiff, and then trod all over him! He complained to my mum about my lack of rhythm!

My personal space is a standing joke with one of my good friends that I used to work with. I have about a 2 feet no go zone, I really am not keen on people getting too close at all. Anyway, we used to have this colleague that could not have a conversation unless she was almost on top of you. This really used to freak me out, and I would try to avoid talking to her if at all possible!

It didn’t stop her talking to me though and, as she kept closing in on me ,I would be backing away further and further until I was literally backed against the wall, and no option but to talk to the face that was about an inch from my own!

Why then choose a job now where I physically have to touch people?! It doesn’t make sense, but I love my job, and I will very often give my patients a hug, I am forever holding their hands when I talk to them, or stroking their faces when they are very poorly, but for some reason this does not bother me at all!

I suppose that I am someone who has ‘hidden depths’ and not just bloody odd!