Wacky Word Wednesday

Well, this week I have managed to remember  that my ‘Wacky word Wednesday’ feature should actually be posted on Wednesday! I have got a hyphenated word for you this week (sounds posh, but is far from it) which I have heard right from when I was a little girl, and actually now refer to myself as being it, before anyone else gets in!

Cack-handed. This word is very often applied to left-handers such as myself but, is also ham-fisted, heavy-handed. awkward and inept. Someone who is incompetent and incapable. clumsy and cumbersome.

They are butterfingered and burdensome, bungling, and bodging everything up. Graceless and gauche are their middle names, as they barge about their business clomping about like cart horses, breaking things or knocking them over!

Wacky Word Wednesday #20

This is week 20 of my Wacky Wordy Wednesday feature where I have fun with a word that is weird, wonderful or just plain wacky! It is always a pleasure hunting down words that I think people will like; either because they are unfamiliar to them, or as a blast from the past that brings back memories along with a smile.

Today I have found a word that I love the sound of. This is true of many of the words that I choose. I can burst out laughing when I hear a word like this, this isn’t meant to be funny, but just has that comedic ring to it, (I know, I am odd)! So here is my offering today.

Boffin. This is the expert, the geeky bod with his head in a science book.  A mad professor, wild haired and wild-eyed, cooking  up potions in his laboratory, or inventing gadgets like the top of an egg chopper-off-er, or other eccentricities.

Wherever there are sheds filled with assorted odds and ends that nobody wants, there will be a brain-bonce poring over blueprints and strange looking diagrams, cobbling together all manner of ‘handy’ household items! Sometimes, they even work!

Wacky Word Wednesday #19

Welcome to Wacky Word Wednesday where I get to have a bit of fun with a word that is (in my opinion), weird, wacky or wonderful. Whatever it may be, the one thing I am sure of  is that it needs to have another airing. Today’s word is not used too much anymore and it should be; it has a wonderful sound and is so much more pleasant than its modern day counterparts.

Trollop. Oh dear, this is a naughty girl; a strumpet and streetwalker, harlot and whore selling sex to the sinful! A hooker and a hussy, she primps and preens herself in order to prey on some punters.

She is a lady of the night, courting customers, promising pleasure for payment, even if it is only a quickie round the corner! An escort with extras, A hooker that will give you a happy ending if the price is right!

Wacky Word Wednesday #17

Welcome to another Wacky Word Wednesday. It is time for yet another weird, wonderful or wacky word to get an airing this week. This is another word that had origins that I was not aware of; now that I am, it makes it all the more appealing to me! So, let me present to you….

Mollycoddle. I thought you might be interested to know that in the 19th Century a ‘Molly’ or ‘Moll’ was a girl or prostitute. ‘Coddle’ of course is to over-indulge someone. Now, for a filthy-minded person like me, this conjures up all sorts of wicked thoughts!

Back to ‘mollycoddle,’ it is pampering and pandering, spoiling and spoon-feeding; treating like a baby, cosseting and cajoling. This is a child that is wrapped in cotton wool, it’s every whim catered to, waited on hand and foot, smothered with love and almost killed with kindness!

Very often a mollycoddled person is a wimp and a weakling, a bit of a namby-pamby, big girl’s blouse type. Someone who is scared of their own shadow, and clings to their mummy’s skirts.

It certainly does not do anyone any favours in life!

Episode 472: Wacky Word Wednesday #16.

Wednesday is here again so soon, and I have been toying with a couple of words this week that have caught my fancy. The one I have settled on, is a word that seems to have a comical air about it before it has even been applied to anything. although it is not something that I would want flung in my direction!

Flabby. This word is flaccid and floppy, droopy and dangling, It is that loose bit of skin under your arms that is wiggly and jiggly, wobbling about like a party jelly that has only just set, and is desperate to slide off the plate.

Years ago when I had attempted to make Yorkshire pudding, my efforts were described as ‘flabby’ by a male friend of my sister’s! This could have been due to the fact that it was rather limp and lacklustre!

Being a bit out of shape, and rather baggy and saggy myself, this word aptly describes my figure!