Wacky Word Wednesday

boaster, blaggart,
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Well, here we are, Wednesday again and ready to dig up and dust off a weird, wacky or wonderful word to share with you. Now, I have been a bit naughty this week (no, that THAT kind of naughty), and nicked a word from my lovely friend David. I have to admit to not having heard of this word before, so I shall be educating myself, as well as hopefully introducing some of you to a new word too!

Blatherskite.  Well, this is a babbling and blubbering kind of a word. The kind of gobshite that talks a load of gibberish, but loves the sound of their own voice! The blusterer  and boaster, pontificating and prattling on despite the snores and groans from the unfortunate listeners!

This talking a load of twaddle, nattering on about nonsense, uttering unintelligibly, or even gabbling a load of gobbledegook! Sounds like me when I get nervous!

Wacky Word Wednesday

Keep Calm

Welcome to another Wacky Word Wednesday, where I get to feature a word that is weird, wonderful, or just downright wacky! Today I have a word that I use quite a  bit. as not only do I like the sound of it, but it is something that I always seem to be doing!

Faffing. This is a dithering and dallying kind of word. Procrastinating and pondering instead of just getting on with it! Mucking around and all that malarky, putting off the important stuff, preferring to  prat about with the piffling things.

It is fussing and fiddling, bumbling and fumbling about. Something that I seem to excel in!


Wacky Word Wednesday!

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Wednesdays are one of my favourite days, as it when I get the chance to dig up  weird, wacky or just plain wonderful word and give it an airing. This week’s word is one that I always associate with the good old British ‘Carry on Films’ of which of course, I am a fan!

They were packed with double entendres and innuendo, even the character’s names were dodgy most of the time. That is why they appealed to me so much. anyway, without further ado here is the word in question!

Saucy. Bawdy and ribald are all about this word, brash and brazen, even flirty and fresh. This is not a shy word, oh no, more of a salacious and smutty, improper or even indecent kind of invitation where you might get more than you bargained for!

This is also the type of word that is cheeky and cocky; the smart-arse that knows it all, being disrespectful and defiant. The sassy little sod that has an answer for everything and has no respect for authority!

Wacky Word Wednesday

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I’ve hardly had time to blink, and it is Wednesday again! Time to unearth a wacky, weird or wonderful word  and give it an airing.

The word I have chosen for this week is to me, a wonderful word despite its meaning! It has that quality to it that makes it funnier,  the more it is said with derision; or at least, I think so!

Grotty. This is a second-rate, shabby kind of a word, a down at heel dive, or a sleazy shithole of a place. It’s cheap and nasty, grimy and well, pretty grim actually!

It is the kind of pub you go to where you wipe your feet on the way out! (I have seen my fair share of these over the years)! The tatty old threadbare carpet, and the crusty old curtains that are well past their prime. The chipped woodwork, and stained surfaces that you really wouldn’t want to become too well-acquainted with. The good old spit and sawdust kind of a place that is a mainstay in most towns, that despite its appearance is usually a fun place to be!

Wacky Word Wednesday

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Wow,  it is Wednesday already! This must mean that it is time for me to dig out a wonderful, weird or just plain wacky word to have some fun with. This week’s word is actually a regular part of my vocabulary. Although it has quite a humorous sound to it, this word pretty much describes teenagers, or tweens, or kids, or husbands…pretty much everybody at times!

Stroppy. Oh, this is an obstinate and obstreperous word; moaning and moody, as well as cantankerous and crabby. The bad-tempered and sheer bloody-minded nature of this word can result in tears and tantrums, or possibly even fights and fisticuffs!

It is the sulky and sullen expression of the troubled teenager, the grumpy and grouchy face of the harassed husband, and the annoyed and angry face of the wife. Wait a minute, that sounds like a typical Martin family outing!!!